We are only asking this single question.

"What does it mean to be human?"

(Anders Indset)

PlanetProofed future salon


The future salon PlanetProofed is a regular discussion format for companies and people who want to make a difference with their products and their business model. With a positive effect on the planet and society. Economic success is the consequence and not the goal. The salon offers a platform for exchanging ideas, methods and success stories: from person to person.

  • Sustainable business models of building and living
    30 Jun, 18:00
    Seidlvilla, Nikolaiplatz 1b, 80802 Munich
    Climate-friendly and resource-saving building and living
  • Sustainable business models tourism
    22 Sept, 18:00
    Seidlvilla, Nikolaipl. 1B, 80802 Munich, Germany
    Tourism with a difference, experience travel in a new way
  • Sustainable business models Agriculture & Food
    Anmeldung geschlossen (50 Anmeldungen)
    24 Mar, 18:00
    Seidlvilla, Nikolaiplatz 1b, 80802 Munich
    What agriculture we need and what a food turnaround can look like
  • Sustainable business models mobility
    Ausgebucht (50 Anmeldungen)
    30 Sept 2021, 18:00
    Seidlvilla, Nikolaiplatz 1b, 80802 Munich
    Rethinking mobility, diversifying leadership

Comments on the event Zukunftssalon 09/30/21

"I not only enjoyed the event in terms of content because of the focus on sustainability, but also provided an ideal platform for networking with like-minded people. Good ideas arise in dialogue and I have already started this with another participant."  Klaus Holzhauser, NTTDATA, Business Development & Strategy, IP & Startup Network


"Very inspiring lectures, great moderation and exchange about the opportunities and limits of sustainable mobility." Stefan Westermayer, Managing Director of net-n-net Deutschland GmbH


Event stream 03/24/22 Sustainable agriculture and food

Opening of the Future Salon 24.3.22

Impulse: sustainable cycle

Impulse: Sustainable agriculture

Impulse: mindset change

Breakfast seminar

We invite you to a 2-hour breakfast seminar. The intention is to be with you explorers like Vasco Da Gama, Marco Polo, Roald Amundsen and Neil Armstrong, who have done what no one has done before. To find out which countries and opportunities lie ahead of you. Lead your organization into the future: In a sustainable and grandchild-friendly economy.

We must not lose any time and must therefore act as quickly as possible. Together with you we want to work on a mission for nature, people and successful business. Let's use a metaphor: let's imagine we're on a mission to Mars and we've gone off course. We have to realign our forces together in order to get back on the right track. We have been hired to do this job. Since arriving on Mars at the right time is critical, we need to get our "spaceship" back into orbit before it's too late. Certain protocols must be followed. In our case, the focus is on the crew and the organization.

Why do we want to use this approach? Because the point is to act now. We will focus on the problem, not the people.

Location: Online (registration at:

Date: 11/25/21 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Further information!

Education and development

Instead of spreading stagnation and helplessness about what the future will bring, we want to show you the variety of possibilities of how you can actively (help) shape the future with your career choice.

Publication: PlanetProofed

The climate crisis is advancing, the planet is warming up, growth and consumption are consuming our resources - a rethinking is also overdue in companies. The authors Oliver Specht and Axel Nauert use clear examples to show that environmental and climate protection are economically viable for companies.

What motivated us and moved us to new ways of thinking?

We believe that humans can adapt and develop. There are already many clever and far-reaching experiences, ideas and solutions. An excerpt:

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every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

Management Framework 5:00 pm

How can companies with a sustainable purpose, strategy, business model and corporate management be successful and profitable?



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A platform for companies with a sustainable business model. For exchange, support and development.



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every 1st Monday of the month

Rethinking Leadership
5:00 pm

What must the manager of Tomorrow be able to do? And how can it support an economy that is suitable for grandchildren? Leadership in signs of  rethinking economy.




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9:00 p.m.

How can we make an impact globally? The working group for international association members (in English).


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Event & Education
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We bring initiators and decision-makers together in a new discussion format. Education: Schoolchildren & students are the decision-makers of tomorrow.


Oliver Specht

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Association jour fixe

6:00 p.m.

Get together, exchange experiences, get inspiration, give input to other working groups, make a difference.