Our recommendations - Movies

Kiss the ground

Emotional film about solutions for agriculture.

A Life on Our Planet

The dramatic change in our living space from a perspective
the famous naturalist David Attenborough,

The Midnight Sky

A new perspective on our planet: from George Clooney, who is strongly committed to sustainable development.


What should the world look like in 2040 if we think about our children.

Good solutions from all over the world, simply thought.

The silent revolution

A touching film about sustainable cultural change in the world of work.

The story of a new world

A film about the Fridays for Future movement. Release date spring 2022 . Crowdfunding is ongoing.

What were we inspired by? A brief overview of interesting reading material and media.

Our recommendations - Books

The Doughnut Economics

Kate Raworth (Professor at Oxford University) thinks new approaches to economics in the new century.  


Big World Small Planet

Professor Johan Rockström (Director Stockholm Resilience Center) clearly shows our planetary limits.

Thomas Wunder.jpg

Rethinking Strategic Management

Thomas Wunder (Professor Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences) with many good articles on sustainable stategizing.

Maja Göpel.jpg

Rethinking our world

Maja Göpel (Secretary General of the German Federal Government's Advisory Council on Global Change) questions old ways of thinking.

Safran Foer.jpg

We are the climate

Jonathan Safran Foer writes wonderfully about the simple possibility of doing something.

David Wallce.jpg

The uninhabitable earth

David Wallace shows us the consequence vividly and tangibly.


Don't Even Think About It

George Marshall explores the question: why we are still ingorned the climate crisis despite scientific evidence.


Reinventing Organizations

Frederic Laloux writes simply and clearly about the need for a self-organized structure.


Vegan for everyone

Jan Bredack leaves the day-to-day management of Mercedes and starts a new company and life / work philosophy.


The future is female

In his book Christopher gives a visionary and at the same time practical outlook on the question: What does the future of women look like?

Buch Florian.jpg

Your breakthrough with Flo (w)

Florian's guide for a sustainable, inspiring, confident and future-proof "business-life".

Buch Christian.png

Reflects leadership

Christian describes the self-responsible art of leadership that brings more freedom and autonomy.


Happy City

Charles Montgomery very vividly outlines an urban, car-free model for a more fulfilling life.

Axels Buch.jpg

Rivets without pinstripes

Axel describes the toxic properties of dark leadership for companies.

Our recommendation - Axel's podcast POSITIVgeladen

Triodos Bank

Georg Schürmann


Antje von Dewitz


Jan Bredak


Antje von Dewitz

BayWa AG

Professor Klaus Lutz

Our recommendations - music

Everyday Life

Fantastic song from Coldplay,
Ubuntu: I am - because we are!