"Life is always about designing something that has never existed before."
(Bill Burnett, Dave Evans)


Our goals are ambitious and can only be achieved if as many as possible participate and are willing to get involved in our association. The easiest way how you can support our work is to become a club member yourself (full membership).


Your membership fee enables the continuous and long-term implementation of our projects. You will receive up-to-date information about our activities and regular invitations to all events that you prefer to attend - and of course free of charge - if there are fewer participants. You are a welcome guest in the regular jour fixe meetings and have the opportunity to get involved in a project group. In addition, you decide in the general assembly about the composition of the board and the focus of the association's work.


If you want to participate financially and have little time for a commitment, we offer you a sponsoring membership. You decide for yourself about your financial contribution and you can regularly find out about our progress and the effect of your financial support in the protected area of ​​our website.


For the commitment of commercial enterprises as full members, we have a staggered contribution according to company size. Each company can appoint a representative who can participate as a full member in the association.


Yes, I want to become a member. Please fill out the application and send it back to us by post or email, thank you very much!

Types of Membership

  1. Full membership for private individuals and the self-employed (EUR 120 annual fee)

  2. Supporting membership (from 60 EUR annual fee)

  3. Commercial companies, public or private institutions (from 200 EUR annual contribution)


You can find the statutes of our association here.