The Future Circle came up with the conviction that demonstrating and accusing them alone does not help. We have changed our jobs because we want to act and in future we will bring our knowledge and experience where we can make a positive difference.

We want to make visible the numerous, often even smaller, companies that are already doing business in a sustainable or circular manner. Often these are courageous entrepreneurs who do not put profitability first in their entrepreneurial activities, but have the courage to actively work on a future suitable for grandchildren. We want to offer these companies a platform to network, exchange ideas, learn from each other and create even greater things with us.


As an independent group of experts from a wide variety of industries, we want to show that change is possible, sustainable management includes the planet and society in decision-making processes and profitability is not lost from sight.

We at The Future Circle see ourselves as a superordinate facilitator who connects companies and people who are committed to a regenerative way of life and economy. Events such as roundtables for entrepreneurs, discussions with citizens, politicians or investors as well as a community meeting point is our contribution to making a positive impact.

Platform round tables

Content, topics and dates 2022:

The Future Circle wants to make companies that pursue sustainable business models visible and support them in their economic development. For this purpose, The Future Circle has founded a corporate platform as an association, which is intended to serve networking and further development. In addition, a group of experts from a wide variety of industries (trade, services, mechanical engineering, agriculture, logistics, supply chain management, etc.) and disciplines (corporate management, strategy, marketing, sales, HR, etc.) offer roundtables and workshops in which together challenges and solutions are discussed with the participants.

January 26, 2022


The definition of PURPOSE represents a major challenge for companies to define the business model, as well as for customer and employee acquisition and financing. In this workshop we will work out the specific purpose for your company with you. For start-ups this is often the first step towards business model modeling, for existing companies it can serve as the basis for a transformation into a sustainable business model.


March 9, 2022


How must strategy and business model be / be aligned in order to achieve ecological and social sustainability on the basis of the defined purpose. In this workshop we will develop and review the business model with you in order to implement sustainability in all areas of the company. The focus is on circular economy (cradle to cradle) from which the positioning and the effect on planet and society are derived. The result will be an implementation-oriented description of your strategic goals.

April 6, 2022


How can the appropriate sales and marketing strategy be derived from the purpose and strategy? The identification of the right markets and a certain growth are also vital for sustainably oriented companies. Together with you, we will work out the target group definition, potential markets and corresponding market entry and processing strategies in the workshop.  In addition, we will introduce you to the relevant tools for customer acquisition, segmentation and feedback.

May 11, 2022


What should a business plan for a sustainable business model look like? In the workshop we want to work out with you how ecological and sustainable management is possible for your company under the premises of profitability and appropriate entrepreneurial wages. An increasingly important aspect of financing, be it the application for loans or subsidies, is nowadays often the presentation of the continuous sustainability of the company. Here we want to give you tips on how this aspect can be better worked out.

June 21, 2022


A sustainable business model requires an organization with an appropriate workforce  Mindset. Employees are increasingly making their decision about joining a particular company on the basis of the purpose and mindset of executives. Together we want to work out in the workshop how you can organize your company in order to successfully implement a circular business model, like you

Position yourself as an employer and what requirements are placed on employee development.

July 20, 2022


Derived from the purpose and the business model, a suitable management and organizational model will be developed in this workshop. For example, a pluralistic model or a model that promotes self-organization among employees is expedient. In addition, a key figure system is jointly developed, which represents the basis for sustainable corporate management and creates the necessary transparency in the various dimensions (planet, society and money) across the entire process chain.

September 21, 2022


Upstream and downstream processes along the entire value chain are redesigned and / or checked in this workshop to ensure that there is no negative impact on the environment and / or society along the entire value chain. Derived from this, system landscapes are defined that transparently and flexibly map the process chains and the business model for all parties involved and thus support sustainable and profitable management.

November 2, 2022


There are already a large number of ratings and certifiers for the sustainability of companies - and more are "felt" every day. Which standards, ratings and certifiers will prevail? Which offers are suitable for which industry and company size? And what effort / benefit do they have? What do ESG investors, business partners and customers pay attention to? We work out together what might be suitable for your company and support the process if necessary.

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Live Zero Waste.


There is a time for everything in life. My life has taken me to many countries around the world and I have always had a love for soap. Useful, fragrant, nurturing and beautiful were the purchase criteria back then. I bought soaps all over the world, researched the ingredients intensively and created a "Soaps" folder on my laptop to collect my new knowledge over the years. It became clear to me that the scent alone is not decisive. At the same time, my stays abroad in Asia and especially Africa have shown me that we have to change our lifestyle dramatically if we want to save our planet. So I made "Zero Waste Living" my motto and finally found the courage to make soaps and solid shampoos myself, because the criteria for a useful and caring soap had to be changed. That was the foundation of SAPOnaturell.