2. Successful Purpose Workshop: with SAPOnaturell

This week we conducted our second purpose workshop. With SAPO.naturell, we were again able to discuss a sustainable business model with a start-up. Based on the nine planetary boundaries, we have worked out the effect on the planet. The effect on society was examined using Kate Raworth's approach. With these insights, it was easy for the workshop participants to formulate a purpose that sums up the wishful thinking for a changed economy at SAPOnaturell. We received the following feedback for our workshop:

"For us as a small start-up, it's a great opportunity to do a purpose workshop with The Future Circle. The exchange helps to check whether you are going in the right direction and the method is a good way to think about your own business outside of everyday work. We have developed a good draft for our purpose, which we will now formulate and continue to use.” Mona Macheray and Susi Weiss, SAPOnaturell
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