2nd event Future Salon PlanetProofed in the Seidlvilla

Updated: Mar 28

A successful continuation of our discussion format "Future Salon PlanetProofed" took place yesterday in the Seidlvilla/Munich. Christiane Weiß and Rabieb Al Khatib, the founders of Pasta di Monaco, presented a “warm start” to the event in the truest sense of the word: a tasting of the delicious and, above all, sustainably and locally produced pasta. Sustainable can also be healthy and tasty.

Our speakers then gave a short impulse for the panel discussion with the audience. Organic farmer Franz Kinker gave a very authentic insight into sustainable agriculture, its circular economy including its own green electricity production and the challenges of the future. Michail Ginsburg, authorized officer of outnature GmbH (a subsidiary of prezero, Schwarz Group) showed the advantages of the circular economy from silphie cultivation to the production of organic packaging and energy production: ecologically in terms of soil fertility, climate resilience, CO2 binding in the soil and economically within the framework of cellulose, energy production and CO2 certificate trading. Valentin Vollmer, founder of talent heroes, convinced with a new look at the topic "mindset change" and how this challenge can be tackled.

The exchange with the audience resulted in many interesting perspectives. The bottom line was: It is important to make new, sustainable solutions tangible with many small, positive examples. In addition, the framework conditions should be changed in a positive sense. The aim should be that sustainable agriculture represents both a positive social image and a financially attractive job profile for the following generation and that consumers receive transparent information about the production and supply chain. Because only enlightened customers can positively influence sustainable development. In conclusion, it can be said that there is no way around sustainable agriculture and nutrition and that entrepreneurial commitment will "pay off" - even if the steps seem small and laborious.

In this sense, we look forward to the exchange between the participants and to hopefully a lot of positive impact after the event.

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