Margit and Oliver at the "Pasta di Monaco" factory

AOn Tuesday, Margit and I visited the Pasta di Manaco factory in Astallerstraße/Munich. Christiane and Rabieb run a wonderful pasta factory in the middle of Munich, get their flour from the local mill and pay great attention to natural and sustainable raw materials and manufacturing processes. The pasta also tastes really heavenly. Many well-known customers also see it that way: e.g. the Kuffler Catering Group, Metro, Kasper Plautz and many others.

Two weeks ago we organized a "Purpose Workshop" with Pasta di Monaco. The new purpose is already hanging on the wall in the manufactory:

With an everyday product, we want to secure the basis of life for many people and at the same time have a positive influence on society and nature. With the support of regenerative, regional agriculture, we promote the natural cultivation of raw materials and the preservation of indigenous ancient grains. Local mills process the grain and we carefully handcraft fresh, wholesome pasta. With short distances, fair working conditions and transparency, we generate trust from the seed to the plate.

As a thank you, Christiane and Rabieb gave us a wonderful compilation of the best pasta and sauces. And I must say, a dream!

We are already looking forward to working together on the next topic: Transparency in the supply chain - from soil and seed to pasta on the plate.

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