PURPOSE-Workshop with "Pasta di Monaco"

Today we did a PURPOSE workshop with Pasta di Monaco. The workshop concept is based on our strategic approach Planet, People, Profit. The combination of a theoretical introduction to the topic with a strong focus on the 9 planetary boundaries according to Rockström and the social boundaries according to Raworth proves to be an expedient construct for the development of a company-specific purpose. We had pragmatic and constructive discussions with the founders of Pasta di Monaco, Christiane Weiss and Rabieb Al Khatib, to formulate the purpose. We don't want to withhold the feedback from the entrepreneur couple from you: "That was great! In three hours we developed something that really suits us. We are grateful that we got to the point together with TFC. The view from the outside was very valuable for us as a small company. The great Professional inspiration was a great experience and confirmation that we are on the right track. Tangible, motivating support such as that we received in this workshop is very valuable to us." Margit Huber, Board Member, The Future Circle

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