Sustainable Tourism - Talk with MANZARA Istanbul

Today we spoke to the founders of MANZARA about sustainable tourism. Gabriele Kern-Altındiş and Erdoğan Altındiş have created a special approach to sustainable travel. The two architects use vacant and unrenovated old buildings in Turkey and create new spaces for experience: sustainable. Because substance is a gift. Old material is usually more robust and nothing is as good as wood that has been "stored" for more than 100 years. Not to mention the beauty of the surfaces that tell stories and that no artist can make so unique. Every dent, every furrow a discovery.

The founders implement the "Cradle to Cradle" philosophy in a wonderful approach and convey an enthusiasm for the natural in travelers. Living like a local, if only for a short time, opens doors and transcends boundaries: using local natural resources. A look at the butcher's shop shows where the meat comes from. You buy the fish here from the cutter, they were just swimming in the sea. Breads are baked in the wood-fired oven with pine cones and when the loaves are ready, the chefs from the surrounding restaurants bring their filled casseroles over and let them simmer in the residual heat.

Here, sustainable tourism fulfills several aspects at the same time. Travelers are inspired by the natural use of resources in a wonderful environment and pass this enthusiasm on to friends and acquaintances in the world. This leads to more understanding between cultures and philosophies of life. A strong, positive impact on planet and society. And also economically successful. Before the pandemic, Gabriele and Erdoğan had a team of 30 employees and over 50 objects under management/development. We invited Gabriele and Erdoğan to our future salon on September 22nd in the Seidlvilla and look forward to their passionate and authentic "story". Maybe afterwards we will be inspired by the feeling of naturalness on site - with a common olive harvest in autumn.

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