# 3: NEW BUSINESS MODELS (6 weeks)
Construction principles of sustainable models.

The current crisis clearly shows that entire corporate sectors are threatened in their existence due to the rigid and one-dimensional business models. Even after the end of the crisis, these industries will not survive if they continue to do so.


In step 3, a customer-oriented business model (s) is developed that implements the purpose and strategy in a sustainable manner. We describe the three dimensions of the Sustainable Business Canvas: Planet, People and Profit (Business) stringently along the product life cycle, stakeholder relationships and value chains. The circular economy is an important part.


Our goal: to use new technologies and business models to secure our earth and its people a life for the next 7 generations and more (“The Flourish Imperative”, Cooperrider 2017).


What we don't do: continue to exploit the natural resources of our planet with business models, limit the lifespan and optimize profit in the short term.


Business models have to be lively, agile and adaptable !!